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Revival preparation varies from intensive "hype" to mere bulletin announcement.  The roles of the pastor and lay leadership in the preparation process are crucial to the church family's awareness of the need to make it a priority.  Peoples' perception of revival meetings will affect their anticipation and participation that will ultimately determine the lasting benefits.  These brief seed statements can be used for discussion or emphasis.    


Ten P's of Revival Meeting Preparation


Prayer                 Groups, cells, or teams add confidence and accountability.

                             Time slot prayer chains encourage collective involvement. (30-60 min. each)

                             Suggested prayer patterns & scripture promises magnify intercessory focus.

                             Fasting increases dependence on God and honors His will. 


Purpose               Distinction between revivalism and evangelism must be made. (both can happen)

                             Need for individual renewal must be emphasized before it can happen collectively.

                             Church spirit or morale needs periodic charging with new energy. (fresh power)

                             Scheduled revival meetings are one part of the overall picture of true revival.


Perception           Past experience shapes expectation. (positive & negative)

                             All believers need to see the Biblical basis for revival. (2 Chr. 7:14, Psa. 85: 6 ++)

                             Realization of one's need will create new hunger for truth and change.

                             Seeing the scheduled services as opportunity vs. obligation increases anticipation.


Promotion           Advertising can build awareness and image to the community. (radio, TV, posters)

                             Sunday School classes can extend their effectiveness with small group fellowship.

                             Contests or food fellowship can facilitate outreach eyes. (fill-a-pew, pie/coffee)

                             All existing groups can become a supporting spoke in the wheel. (children, teens, men, women)


Preaching            Prior weeks sermons can reinforce Biblical examples of obedience. (3-6 weeks)

                             Preaching of practical Christian holiness always bears a harvest in due time.

                             Creating awareness in people & drawing to a point of decision facilitates obedience.

                             Post-revival sermons are crucial to reinforce Biblical examples of follow through.


Priorities             People have many options for their discretionary hours & dollars.

                             Schedule conflicts force people to make the decision between better & best.

                             Rationalizing one's choices is common today, but not always justifiable.

                             Proper motive in prioritization always reaps special blessings and eternal dividends.


Problems             Lack of continued prayer burden can cripple potential results.

                             Personal preferences to style of music or preaching can stand in the way of unity.

                             Fear of insufficient finances can become a deterrent or impediment to faith.

                             Nominal involvement of leadership influences new Christians to a diminished view.

                             Token participation of parents will shape their children's priority to put God first.


Potential              Long term benefits outweigh the short term sacrifice, for God honors faithfulness.

                             Human relationships can always be improved through personal spiritual growth.

                             The preparation process is in direct proportion to the overall spirit of revival.

                             Renewing the spirit of revival enhances growth and unity in the Body of Christ.


Peaks           A higher level of obedience always brings a higher level of victory. (new peaks)

                             The plateau of peace learns to rest in the cadence of continued obedience.

                             Growth in grace is a natural progression from one plain to the next. (not just peaks)

                             The peak of contentment comes through increased favor with God. (Divine Yes)


Posterity              To drive a stake and prevent drifting is a decision to determine one's own direction.

                             Heritage is received from previous generations and passed on to future ones.

                             The past contributes gravity to focus our vision. (Without vision the people perish.) 

                             The future of scheduled revival meetings rests more in the present than in the past.