Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Maddyx Thomas Ziemann was born December 16, 2009.
Are you curious about the progress of our grandson? 
This page gives you occasional updated pictures.  Thanks for your prayers for him.

Christmas, 2009   
Myndi (Mom), Maddyx (Max) & Larry (Grampy).


What about this muscle?  This is my "Thinker" pose.

Here's what I think of the Green Bay Packers after beating my Bears!

Hey everybody!  It's my first birthday and this cake is GREAT!

I love going to the beach.  I'm not crazy about sand in my mouth though.

       Ready for Easter church, 2011       Dada Chris, Moma Myndi, & Me

Grampy & I are ready for church.

I love my dog(s) and sometimes you've got to rest a little after a long walk.

I'm growing up a little bit now.  Daycare does that you know.

Max50.veryfunny.JPG    Max51.JohnDeere.JPG
Tell me another one, Grampy!         How 'bout movin' some dirt?

Max52.GrmMxwsnack.JPG    Max53.lips.JPG
Thanks for my snack, Grammy.                  How 'bout these lips?

Max54.grnglasses.JPG    Max55.hoops.JPG
These green shamrocks will be great for "show & tell."    Ah-h-h some hoops!

Max56.footup.JPG    Max57.deveggs.JPG
Watch out!  Here I come.                  Making deviled eggs with Grammy is fun!

Max58.Batcycle.JPG    Max59.LetsPlay.JPG
Keep up if you can!  My Bat-cycle is fast!      Let's play on the floor now, OK?

Max60.climb.JPG    Max61.Buskitchen.JPG
You didn't think I could do it, did you?         I'm helping Grammy in their bus coach.

C'mon Grampy, let's go check out to the foyer water fountain.
 Max63.BatSpider.JPG    Max64.bookwbatman.JPG
Guess who we really are!                I love when Grampy reads this book to me.

Let's roll this ball in the Target parking lot.

THANKS for coming to my page.  Come back as often as you like.  I'll try to get Grampy some more pictures to post here.  Isn't this internet thing amazing?