Welcome to Leckrone Ministries, Inc.
CHM.link.JPG  Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that is dedicated to help Christian people with healthcare costs.  It's name describes the mission.  It has served as an alternative to Health Insurance for many years and helped thousands of people pay for millions of dollars in healthcare costs.

It has been a huge answer to prayer for Leckrone Ministries, saving us hundreds of dollars a month and serving us generously and efficiently when needed.  When we don't need it, we thank God that we can help other Christians with our gift, rather than finance a glass building for a secular insurance company.

Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is NOT an insurance company.  It's Bible foundation comes from a variety of passages, including, "Bear ye one another's burden and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Leckrone Ministries is not involved in selling or signing up anyone, however, we'd be happy to answer any questions we can if you would like to contact us.  The very best way to find out your specific answers is to click on the blue box link (above) to their website or call their toll free number shown.  Our only purpose for providing this information is to recommend and endorse them in hope that this may be a blessing to you as it has been to us.