Leckrone Ministries, Inc
Leckrone Ministries, Inc
We love to hear from friends and acquaintances. Whether you "just happened by" or you are an "old friend" or "family member", please leave us a message that others can read, and we'll get back to you soon!

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Name: Susan Dyer (email)     Date: 1/14/2018, 13:11
Comments: My husband and I were on the Carnival Bahamas cruise and were so blessed by your music. Thank you for following God's call and answering with YES.
So enjoyed our time listening to all the gospel groups and the teaching from His Word. Hope our paths cross again sometime. The Lord Bless and keep you. Jack and Susan

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Name: Paul Odari homepage (email)     Date: 8/28/2017, 11:45
Comments: Hello friends in the Lord,
What a privilege to have realised across your webpage. We LOVE what the Lord is doing with you and the heart you have for the kingdom.

We would love to welcome you come and be a blessing to the body of Christ here in Kenya!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Paul & Mary

Name: Alan homepage (email)     Date: 5/2/2017, 3:44
Comments: I love it when people come together aand share views. Great blog, continue the good work!

Name: David Downs homepage (email)     Date: 12/21/2016, 14:46
Comments: Hi Larry. I woke up this morning singing, "It's amazing what praising can do..." I thought of you and trust you are well.
Many blessings,

Name: Terry Stehr (email)     Date: 9/11/2015, 5:09
Comments: We recently were blessed at Lewistown Valley Camp on Sat Sept 05, 2015. You folks were such a blessing to us. We are looking forward to seeing you again. God bless your ministy. Terry and Carol Stehr --Valley View Pa

Name: Donna Grover (email)     Date: 9/25/2014, 8:21
Comments: Your messages are uplifting. Keep up the good work. God is Good ! I feel the Holy Spirit !

Name: Marti Williams (email)     Date: 5/3/2014, 21:40
Comments: Woe to the shepherds..... God is seeing what you are doing.

Name: Tom & Pearl Phelps (email)     Date: 2/10/2014, 10:34
Comments: Its cold in Moreci to,Well i read Merry Christnas news letter you send every year,Love your messages,still trying to get thru Matt's(son)death stuff legal matters may still take quite some time 4 boys 17 thru 7 years old and 2 mothers.If you would i have a change of address New one reads as fallows : 220 Elm st. Appt#2
Morenci,Mi. 4925
Well i drove by a church the other day sign out front of church said (Quit praying for Snow) realy to late,Pearl says hi.

Name: Ruth Woods (email)     Date: 7/14/2013, 14:51
Comments: It was so nice to see you at the Colfax Wesleyan Church last Oct.
In just 3 hours campmeeting at Frankfort In will be begining. GOD did a miracle for us back in August .2009.
We have been praying and trusting God to really move in our services. We would like to see a healing of hurts that happened during 2006 and 2007 contributed mush by leadership of the previous oners. Pray for us please.
Ruth Woods

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 5/13/2013, 4:23
Comments: Thank you lord for salvation to mankind still today in you!"SO nice to be victorious in christ and I wil win many neighbor to Christ and let the lord give opportune today that do it in blesing and in joy with word of heaven thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Cindy H (email)     Date: 3/8/2013, 18:19
Comments: Really enjoyed listening to your music through live stream tonight here in Kansas while you were singing in Winter Haven, FL.

Name: Becky Wilthers (email)     Date: 2/7/2013, 10:26
Comments: Just wanted you all to know how great it was to see and hear you again at Avon Park. What a ministry you provided! Blessings in the days
ahead. A special thanks to you Larry for getting mine and Ellen's boarding pass printed
ahead. We made it home fine to Indiana. Hope our paths cross again soon.

Love and prayers,

Name: BECKY WILTHERS (email)     Date: 8/9/2012, 14:46
Comments: Hi!
I am Becky. Met you guys at Stuart's funeral, remember? I was trying to watch the grandkids!! Will be with Ellen tonight in a camp meeting we are going too. She is trying to keep getting out as Stuart encouraged her too before he went to Heaven. She is adjusting well and we all keep her busy. I go to Avon Park every year so will see you all soon!! Blessings, Becky

Name: Alan Campbell (email)     Date: 6/25/2012, 19:58
Comments: Larry and Tamala' Scott setme up withthis computer so I found your web site. You met a lot to Sue. We talked about coming to see you when you were close but she got sick and we never made it. You have my continued prayers and support of you and your ministry. I still have some books you might be interested in. Let me know. Alan

Name: Rick Smith (email)     Date: 6/12/2012, 21:48
Comments: we are looking forward to having you at sebring camp.I love good music so have some ready....a good message and word from God,
and we will be all ears....blessings and safe travel on your way here... Rick

Name: keijo (email)     Date: 3/6/2012, 10:41
Comments: Amen glory to God for our togethers upset the king of God around the world and the Holy Spirit wil fill us and anoint us with miracles touch and prophey the spirit wil rest on us in glory to God,in Jesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo

Name: Dave and Bev Deeks (email)     Date: 2/6/2012, 13:04
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you in Lakeland. We arrive at the camp on Feb. 23 and will be staying over the weekend.

Name: Ralph Ross (email)     Date: 1/22/2012, 8:36
Comments: Good Morning!Just checking to see if the lord called you to Florida this winter?Looks like Texas needed more revival than the Sunshine State.We are in Haines City again at Dr. Anthony's home.The weather has been wonderful.The best we have had.Claude and Jan Nicholas are in Lakeland today so we are going to go over there and see them. Hope you are doing well in 2012! If you get near central Ohio and have sometime, let me know.Always happy to get to see you.Take Care and God Bless You!

Name: Pastor Timothy Johnson (email)     Date: 1/16/2012, 12:52
Comments: Dear Larry & Tamla,
Looking forward to having you both here in April. Til' then we will be praying that you will have safe journeys and God's anointing on all you do in the winter and spring months. We will be ready and excited here at Indian Lake Northside to hear a good Word from the LORD. Take Care - We Love You!
Pastor Tim & Pastor Gloria Johnson
Indian Lake Northside Ch o/t Nazarene
Lakeview, Ohio

Name: casey allison (email)     Date: 12/4/2011, 20:39
Comments: it was good to see you both again in at cridersville nazarene. my family and i relly enjoyed seeing both again and spending the evening in fellowship and dinner . we keep pryaering for you and thw work you do. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND YOUR FAMLIES. AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHIRSTMAS

Name: Pastor.P.Ruthjaiseelbabu homepage (email)     Date: 9/22/2011, 2:56
Comments: My Dearest Loving and Honourable Brother and sister in christ,
your Great site and good work through it I have blessed and I rejoiced
for the sake of your faithful work. Please pray for my orphan church
ministry and old age mothers and all my ministries india I await your
kind and favorable Response.

Thanking you.

Yours ever in His eternal bonds.

Name: Rose Jackson (email)     Date: 4/18/2011, 22:01
Comments: I just wanted to say I have enjoyed hearing you guys so far this week! I can't wait to see what God has in store for tomorrow (: Talk to you then! God bless.

Name: Jeffrey Leckrone (email)     Date: 3/3/2011, 19:38
Comments: Just thought I would send in a quick note with hope that all is going well for you. Miss you and can't wait to see you again. Be safe in your travels and we will see you soon.
Love the website and is easy to get around.
Love you both,

Name: Pat Logan (email)     Date: 2/13/2011, 18:42
Comments: Hi guys; Nice websight. Nice to keep track of you.

Love the pictures of Max. He is sooo beautiful.

Safe travels, great times of revival and hurry back. Miss and love you.


Name: The Adams (email)     Date: 1/10/2011, 19:07
Comments: Sure enjoyed your sermon last Sunday.
It was nice that you showed up in Tucson at Cactus Community Church.
You are a awesome speaker.
We also enjoyed you at home at Bethel Naz. in Spanaway in Washington. When are you coming back to WA?
You two are in our Prayers.
God Bless

Name: kristie lamb (email)     Date: 11/14/2010, 20:52
Comments: hi was really nice to meet you and have dinner with you at the Quinn's home.. just wanted to say that

Name: Margie Roberts (email)     Date: 11/3/2010, 23:15
Comments: Hi Larry and Tam,
Really enjoyed your ministry these last few days at Davis Memorial, God truly is with you through your ministry.
You're beautiful singers. I love how God directs your messages, they are so down to earth and very understandable.
God bless you both and praying for your safety on the highways.
God bless.
A Sister in Christ,

Name: Margie Roberts (email)     Date: 11/3/2010, 23:11
Comments: Hi Larry and Tam,
Really enjoyed your ministry this last few days at Davis Memorial, God truly is with through this ministry.
You're beautiful singers. I love how God directs your messages, they are so down to earth and very understandable.
God bless you both and praying for your safety on the highways.
God bless.
A Sister in Christ,

Name: Sandy Colburn (email)     Date: 10/2/2010, 19:28
Comments: Hi Larry and Tam, I can't even to begin to tell you how your time with us is still reverberating in my mind. Thank you so much for your all that you have done for me. I love and miss you both. Sandy

Name: Bonnie Abrams (email)     Date: 9/23/2010, 9:23
Comments: I so enjoyed the pics of you handsome grandson! He looks like a perfectly blessed baby! It was very touching to me that you attended the Ladies Bible study. You are a very lovely lady and I was so blessed that you found time to attend! Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. May God continue to bless you both in Ministry as you continue to share His love to others. May God grant you safe travel and sweet rest. Love, Bonnie

Name: Nicole Walden (email)     Date: 4/22/2010, 7:43
Comments: I so enjoyed reading about your recent work. How good it is to love on people. I can see that you do love the people you serve. We look forward to seeing you next week.

Name: John and Ortelle Dee Phillips (email)     Date: 3/12/2010, 18:49
Comments: Larry and Tamra,
What a nice website. God is good and is using us here in Saginaw Swan Valley Church of the Nazarene.
I covet your prayers. We lost my oldest son on the 25th of Jan. I praise God he was ready to meet Jesus, but it still hurts to lose a child.
Joyce Yeakle went to be with Jesus on March 4th. Pray for Richard and the Girls. It was a revival spirit in the church the day of her funeral. Right down to the invitation at the end. You are loved and prayed for

Name: Joyce Horstmann (email)     Date: 3/12/2010, 13:40
Comments: This is great... I love the new look and it is very easy to locate everything. It is amazing the amount of work put in this effort. Believe me it's a l0+.
I learned a lot about you today. Now, I'll follow your travels daily. You're such an inspiration to me. Love, Sis (Rejoyce Horstmann)

Name: COLINPOSTELL (email)     Date: 1/16/2010, 1:43